Put your DATA to use Global health needs rigorous, evidence based, standardised and goal driven metrics. Learn More Recognizing individual authors & teams for the application of the EquityTool and its data. Annual awards for practical or research applications. See Winners identify those most in need EquityTool helps Case study: Practical application by Population Services International in Benin and Côte d’Ivoire. Learn More Understanding it shouldn’t be. Ending poverty is hard. Estimate daily, monthly, or yearly median income
for individuals or households per wealth quintile
in 50+ countries.
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WE DEVELOP WE TEST WE STANDARDIZE Performance Metrics For efficient and effective
global health service delivery
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A SIMPLE WAY TO ASSESS IF YOUR PROGRAM IS REACHING THE POOR Learn how your organization can use this FREE, simple and easy-to-use tool to measure relative wealth. Using a short survey, the EquityTool allows you to compare the wealth of your respondents to the national or urban population in over 30 countries. POWERED BY METRICS FOR MANAGEMENT Learn More

Our Mission

o create evidence-based and standardized performance measures to improve health services in low-and middle-income countries.
Metrics for Management develops and promotes the adoption of measurement indicators and tools for use in the management of health facilities, health service NGOs, and local governmental administrative agencies.
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Our current projects include work in four categories:

Putting data to use through evidence-based performance measures to assure efficient and effective services

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